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Berlin Dynamic by Matthias Makarinus

Berlin Dynamic is an exceptional timelapse video from Matthias Makarinus made up of over 50,000 photos shot between May 2010 and September 2011. I never get tired of watching this video, which was the first of Matthias Makarinus’ creations I saw, though three others have made it onto the blog before it. There are some […]

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Bekarei – Baked in Berlin with Love

Bekarei is an absolute gem of a bakery in Prenzlauer Berg that makes some of the best bread and cakes that I have managed to track down in Berlin. I have the Sausage Man Never Sleeps to thank for introducing me to Bekarei.  The bread he used for his BLT at The Breakfast Market was […]

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Visualtraveling – East Meets West Berlin

In Visualtraveling – East Meets West Berlin, Berlin-based pro skater Michael Mackrodt takes a journey from East to West Berlin on a skateboard. There was a time (in a previous life) when I rarely went anywhere without my skateboard but I couldn’t even dream of doing some of the tricks that Michael Mackrodt casually pops […]

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Berlin Street Art Vol 19 – Various Artists

I’ve assembled another collection of exceptional, interesting and sometimes downright weird street art from Berlin for your viewing pleasure.  As usual, clicking on an artist’s name will take you to other work by them. Jimmy C It’s hardly new but this Jimmy C piece in Kreuzberg shows off his technique and talent to the full. […]

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