ALIAS: Busy in Berlin

Hiding: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Friday seems to be the day for discovering great (fresh) street art in Berlin.  On Good Friday it was AliCé and the Friday just gone – ALIAS.

I spotted one of these pieces from the tram window as I was heading out for a wander on Friday morning so on the way home I got off the tram a couple of stops early and followed the art along Kastanianallee.

The trail ran cold for me when I got to the corner of Eberswalder Strasse.  I tried a few hundred metres in each direction from there but no joy.  Let me know if I missed anything.

Faceless: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

By the time I went out on Saturday afternoon this next piece had already been completely removed.

Body Body Head: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Only the feet of this one were left…

Boy In The Corner: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

…and this one had been peeled back and torn slightly.

Boy On A Swing: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Punition: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

I’m not sure if people’s motives here are vindictive or whether they are hoping to get a souvenir but they’re spoiling it for everyone else.

As street artists are sometimes creatures of habit I decided on Saturday that I would head to a couple of other spots where I have seen ALIAS’s work before, just in case he had hit them again.

The hunch paid off in the Hof near Hackescher Markt featured in my A Berlin Hof Spot post.

Boy Does Bunny Ears: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Sparring: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Head In Hands: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin


ALIAS is a Berlin-based street artist but I can’t tell you much more than that, as he doesn’t give much about himself away.  I’ve seen his work on all of my Berlin trips and I’ve always been impressed by the variety and consistently high quality of his art.  As with many street artists there is often a socio-political element to his pieces.

You can see more of his work on his Facebook page and Tumblr and in my street art galleries.

He will undoubtedly feature here again.

8 thoughts on “ALIAS: Busy in Berlin

  1. fiona

    Ooh, I haven’t seen any of his work before, so that was nice. Did you hear that the person that does Street Art Utopia is moving to Berlin at the end of April? I am hoping that will bring lots more exciting Berlin street art to the fore!

    1. andBerlin

      It’s a wonderful city, you should come back. London is great too and I see that you have been to Wales, where I grew up as well! You have some great photos on your blog.

    1. andBerlin

      His work appealed to me immediately and I remember showing my photos to my parents (who are in their 60s/70s) after my first Berlin visit in 2009 and they both liked his art.


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