Stolpersteine 97 – 101

Stolpersteine 97: In memory of Lutz Grunstein (Graeferstrasse 69/70) in Berlin

In a little less than 5 months I have seen Stolpersteine in over 100 locations in Berlin dedicated to the memory of 244 victims of National Socialism – I’m not sure that even qualifies as the tip of the iceberg.

I have updated the gallery here to include photos of the Stolpersteine I saw this past week, which were memorials to: Lutz Grunstein (Graeferstrasse 69/70); Henriette Raphael, Horst Raphael and Walter Raphael (Oranienstrasse 167); Cäcilie Dobrin, Willy Dobrin, Jonas Rosenfeld, Ursula Hanauer, Alice Jonas and Paul Jacob Horwitz (Dresdener Strasse 15); Bertha Jonas (Dresdener Strasse 19); Lucie Neuman (Dresdener Strasse 20).

My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.

2 thoughts on “Stolpersteine 97 – 101

  1. juergen61

    i think this was a great idea by gunter demnig, we have a lot of …stolpersteine… in hamburg too and i explain my littel son ( 5 years) the meaning and tell him a littel bit of our bad history ( you can never start too early)


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