Stolpersteine 127 – 129

Stolpersteine 127: In memory of Elsbeth Schreiber and Bruno Albert Auerbach (Pappelallee 12-13) in BerlinI have now updated my Stolpersteine Gallery with photos of the Stolpersteine I have seen over the past week.

These most recent Stolpersteine discoveries memorials: Elsbeth Schreiber and Bruno Albert Auerbach (Pappelallee 12-13); Jacob Süssmann, Aron Süssmann, Sonia Süssmann and Sima Süssmann (Strassburger Strasse 60), Ignatz Lebzelter, Deborah Lebzelter, Susanne Lebzelter and Amalie Lebzelter (Alte Schönhauser Strasse 4).

For more information about this fascinating and heartwarming project dedicated to remembering the victims of National Socialism and the artist Gunter Demnig, you can check out my first post about Stolpersteine.

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