Stolpersteine 165 – 177

Stolpersteine Berlin 169 (1): In memory of Pauline Baumann (Leonhardtstrasse 5)

I have updated my Stolpesteine Gallery to include photos of all the Stolpesteine I saw in Berlin last week.

The memorials I saw were dedicated to: Moritz Kiwi and Philippine Kiwi (Holtzendorffstrasse 20); Irma Löwenstamm (Leonhardtstrasse 11); Martin Silberstein, Auguste Silberstein, Hermann Cohn, Hedwig Cohn, and Harry Gersten (Leonhardtstrasse 10); Max Nächemstein, Clara Nächemstein, Bertha Gordon and Wally Gordon (Leonhardtstrasse 6); Paulin Baumann, Bertha Cohn and Gertrud Cohn (Leonhardtstrasse 5); Margarete Felix and Margaret Windmuller (Leonhardtstrasse 19); Pauline Baer, Max Jablonka, Curt Joseph Zeimann, Elli Zeimann and Erna Brockmann (Leonhardtstrasse 18); Hans Behrens (Leonhardtstrasse 17); Johanna Marcus, Else Marcus and Hedwig Marcus (Rönnestrasse 11); Gertrud Broh, Frank F Neumark, Rysel Drescher, Salo Basch, Kurt Moritz and Erna Moritz, Elli Moritz, Gertrud Pringsheim and Sima Drescher (Gervinusstrasse); Gertrud Mannheim (Gervinusstrasse 12); Arthur Konn (Gervinusstrasse 4); Israel Ziegel, Golda Ziegel, Anna Ziegel, Maria Ziegel, Bertha Ziegel, Bruno Fuchs and Rosa Fuchs (Greifenhagener Strasse 13).

My first post about Stolpersteine explains the background to the project behind these touching and appropriate memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.

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