Berlin Street Art Vol 6 – Various Artists

It’s another mixed bag of Berlin Street Art this week.  If an artist has featured before you can click on their name to see more.


Praying - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Whether they are on the street, in a gallery or show, his pieces are always instantly recongnisable.  ALIAS it seems has been out on the streets of Berlin recently placing a number of pieces.

L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles)

Fuck Politician - Street Art by L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles) in Berlin

This was one of two great L.E.T. pieces on the same wall in Friedrichshain and the first piece I’ve seen by the artist.

El Bocho

Little Lucy Kit Kat Break - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy is a firm favourite on Berlin’s streets and El Bocho is one of the city’s great Street Artists.

Dscreet & Stik

Dscreet & Stik in Berlin

I was delighted to find these pieces by London-based artists Dscreet and Stik flanking a shop in Kreuzberg.


In The Pink - Street Art by C215 in Berlin

Looking Up - Street Art by C215 in Berlin

I saw these two C215 pieces whilst I was out hunting for the AliCé pieces that featured in my AliCé – Back in Berlin post, which is fitting, as the two artists are friends.


Afro Lady - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin


Siamese Squirrel (Blue) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

Israeli Street Artist Dede featured here recently and I found another of the Siamese animals from his Wild Life series in Friedrichshain last week.


Masked Man - Street Art by SOON in Berlin

I have been noticing more and more black and white paste-ups from SOON in Berlin over recent months.  See more from the artist on Facebook.


Thanks to Ali from Picturing England for getting in touch to let me know that this piece is by NETHER.  You can see more from the artist including the same paste-up in London in her post Nether, Nether Land…

Blue Food - Street Art by NETHER in Berlin

Unknown Artists

If anyone has any info about the artists for these last pieces, please let me know in the comments so that I can give the proper credit.

Censored - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Sternburg Stormtroopers - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Happy Birthday - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Pink Tail - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

4 thoughts on “Berlin Street Art Vol 6 – Various Artists

    1. andBerlin

      Ali, thanks for the link. I remember the post now but I had forgotten about NETHER. I’ve seen a couple more of his pieces in Berlin recently judging by the pieces in your post.


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