Video Week – Berlin on Vimeo: Day 1 – Berlin by Giulio Tonincelli

Into The Sun From Teufelsberg (screenshot from Berlin by Giulio Tonincelli on Vimeo)

Photo: Still from Berlin by Giulio Tonincelli

I find that getting other people’s perspectives on Berlin, whether in the form of blog posts, newspaper articles or videos, helps me to discover new things in the city and keeps me looking at familiar spots with fresh eyes.

On the weekend I spent a couple of hours trawling Vimeo for Berlin content and I’d like to share some of the best videos I found.

I will post a different video each day this week.

I’ll kick off Video Week with Giulio Tonincelli’s impressions of the city in 2011 – a video that makes me long for summer in Berlin, though I’ll settle for today’s winter sun.


3 thoughts on “Video Week – Berlin on Vimeo: Day 1 – Berlin by Giulio Tonincelli

  1. thoades

    Loving the content on this blog and hoping to return to Berlin again this summer. I’ve photographed Teufelsberg from a distance, but love the shots from inside. Er…. how “accessible” is it…?


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