Finding AliCé By Accident

A Little Angel Reflected - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

When I found out Alice Pasquini aka AliCé would be visiting Berlin in December I was excited and disappointed at the same time.

I was excited because AliCé is one of my favourite Street Artists and disappointed because I knew I would only have a few days to find her work before flying to Cardiff for Christmas.

As it happens, I managed to find 8 of the 13 pieces she left on Berlin’s streets during her visit before I left, which I posted here.

It wasn’t until last Sunday when I was walking around Kreuzberg hunting out some old MTO pieces for my MTO: Photorealistic Street Art in Berlin post that I found the remaining 5 by accident.

Sometimes things just go your way.

Do You Wanna Know A Secret? - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

Love On The Telephone - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

A Little Angel - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

Chubby Cheeks - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

YAAM Must Survive - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

For me, these are some of the sweetest pieces of Street Art that AliCé has painted in Berlin.

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