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Video Week – Berlin on Vimeo: Day 7 – Rainy Day by Matthias Makarinus

Rainy Day (screenshot from the video by Matthias Makarinus shot in Berlin)

Photo: Still from Rainy Day by Matthias Makarinus

It’s the last day of Video Week and it’s time for something completely different – Rainy Day by Matthias Makarinus, who also created the Festival of Lights 2010 video from Day 3.

As the title suggests this is a short film produced on a rainy day in Berlin.  It’s beautifully shot and edited and seems somehow appropriate for a quiet Sunday in the Hauptstadt.

This video proves that Berlin can be beautiful even when it rains – you just have to look a little bit harder to see it.

I hope that like they did for me, the videos in my Video Week have helped you to see Berlin in a new light.

Rainy Day

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