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Schokoschnecke (Chocolate Cinnamon Roll) on the counter at Zeit Für Brot Berlin - an organic bakery, shop and cafe on Alte Schönhauser Strasse in Berlin Mitte

Zeit Für Brot – Organic Artisan Bakery in Berlin

Zeit Für Brot makes some of the best bread and cakes in Berlin and their Schokoschnecken (Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls) are addictively good. Everything here is made in the in-house bakery with 100% organic ingredients. A glass wall in the premises on Alte Schönhauser Strasse separates the shop and café from the bakery so you can […]

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Hufeisensiedlung – a Bruno Taut Berlin Horseshoe Estate

The Hufeisensiedlung (Horseshoe Estate) is a modernist housing estate by architect Bruno Taut built on the site of the former Britz Manor in Berlin. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, architecture in Berlin reflected the political struggle between the Socialists and the Nazis.  Bruno Taut’s plans for the Hufeisensiedlung, drawn up in cooperation with […]

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Mexico Skate Team – Vans Berlin Tour

The Vans Mexico Skate Team was in Berlin in 2014 at the end of a European tour: Max Barrera, Antonio Díaz, Hugo Zurita and Christian Huerta carve up the city in Mexico Skate Team takes the City of Berlin | Skate | VANS. They tick off the most famous skate spots in Berlin, hitting up […]

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Sunday Documentary: Knut and Friends

Knut and Friends tells the story of Knut, a polar bear born in captivity in Berlin Zoo and contrasts his early life with three polar bears born in the wild in the arctic and two orphaned brown bears in the forests of Belarus. Born on 5 December 2006, Knut and his brother (who died just […]

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BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks with Tim Knoll

BMX-rider Tim Knoll does some incredible tricks as he rides around Berlin in his BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks video for Red Bull. Tim Knoll’s riding is a bewildering mixture of technical skills and athletic ability that is part BMX / part gymnastics / part modern dance. He forward rolls, somersaults and swings […]

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Bücherwald – The Book Forest of Berlin

Strolling along Sredzkistrasse in Prenzlauer Berg near the corner with Kollwitzstrasse you may have a bit of a Sesame Street moment because ‘one of these trees is not like the others’.  The Bücherwald (book forest) isn’t in fact a tree at all.  It is a collection of five logs bolted together with shelves carved into […]

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Butterfly Mural by Michelle Tombolini

Michelle Tombolini’s Butterfly mural in Friedrichshain, part of the artist’s Indelible Marks project, is a beautiful piece of street art with a sad message – drawing attention as it does to the issue of the sexual exploitation of children. Walking along Boxhagener Strasse, the bright blue wings catch my eye first, contrasting with the black and white […]

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Louis Pretty – Pastrami in Gangster’s Paradise

As a Brit in Berlin, I often bemoan the lack of sandwich options in the city but the Reuben at Louis Pretty, the latest venture from Oskar Melzer, is spectacularly good. Melzer (formerly of Mogg & Melzer, which is now Mogg) opened his new Kreuzberg restaurant in partnership with brothers James and David Ardinast.  Like […]

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Berlin City Palace – Wanted: 627 Housemates

Are you moving to Berlin or currently on the lookout for new housemates?  If so, you may want to check out this tongue in cheek advert for a flat share that appeared on wg-gesucht last week.  The advertisers want 627 extra people to share the bills at the new Berlin City Palace (Berliner Stadtschloss), in what […]

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