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Berlinische Galerie: The Shuttered Society. Art Photography in the GDR 1949-1989 (Video)

The Berlinische Galerie, Berlin’s Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture, has posted the video Berlinische Galerie: The Shuttered Society. Art Photography in the GDR 1949-1989 on its YouTube channel. As stated in the ‘About’ section of the video on YouTube: The Berlinische Galerie is to stage the world’s first comprehensive exhibition of art photography […]

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Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum)

Yesterday afternoon, with Berlin’s weather teetering on the edge of the depressive part of its bi-polar summer weather cycle, I went to the Museum für Naturkunde (Natural History Museum). I have been conscious for a while now of neglecting Berlin’s museums. I’ve posted about the Deutches Historisches Museum and The Stasi Museum, both of which I […]

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Mark Jenkins – Glazed Paradise

Mark Jenkins uses humour and shock tactics in his art, particularly his street installations, to convey his message. Jenkins’s work employs a number of ideas and techniques but it is his life-size and life-like figures that have always intrigued me.  He creates these sculptures by taking live models and wrapping them in cling film and […]

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Topographie des Terrors (Topography of Terror) in Berlin

Topographie des Terrors (Topography of Terror) consists of three main elements: the Indoor Exhibition; the Outdoor Exhibition (referred to in the site’s literature as the Exhibition Trench); and Berlin Wall Monument, a remaining section of the wall. The ground on which the exhibitions stand was the site of the Gestapo, SS and Reich Security headquarters […]

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The Stasi Museum

The former Stasi Headquarters in Berlin is now a museum.  This is the building that was ‘stormed’ in 1990 by protesters looking for the files that were kept here. With all the secrecy that surrounded this building in a divided Germany, it seems apt that since re-unification it has become accessible to curious minds and prying […]

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