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Berlin Dynamic by Matthias Makarinus

Berlin Dynamic is an exceptional timelapse video from Matthias Makarinus made up of over 50,000 photos shot between May 2010 and September 2011. I never get tired of watching this video, which was the first of Matthias Makarinus’ creations I saw, though three others have made it onto the blog before it. There are some […]

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Visualtraveling – East Meets West Berlin

In Visualtraveling – East Meets West Berlin, Berlin-based pro skater Michael Mackrodt takes a journey from East to West Berlin on a skateboard. There was a time (in a previous life) when I rarely went anywhere without my skateboard but I couldn’t even dream of doing some of the tricks that Michael Mackrodt casually pops […]

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Sunday Documentary – Test for the West: Berlin

Test for the West: Berlin is a Silver Bear-winning documentary by Franz Baake that deals with the history of Berlin from the 1920s to 1962, focusing on the post-war events that lead to the Cold War. The usual milestones are discussed: the division of Berlin; the Berlin Blockade; the 1953 workers’ uprising and the construction […]

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Sunday Documentary: Spirit of Berlin – July 1945

Released last month by Chronos Media GmbH to coincide with events to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the Battle of Berlin, Spirit of Berlin is a collection of colour HD footage of Berlin in July 1945. There is something about the use of  colour images that makes the utter devastation caused by a […]

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Berlin Wall 1984 – A Clearly Pissed Off Man

“West Berlin, West Germany in 1984 near Checkpoint Charlie in the American sector of the divided city.  A 24 year-old man decides to relieve himself on the wall separating the West from the East.” It is surely no coincidence that the young man chooses a spot marked with the graffiti ‘Communist Guards Suck!’ for his […]

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