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Ghost Station – Potsdamer Platz in 1989

It’s hard to imagine it now travelling through the brightly lit and shiny tiled S-Bahn station at Potsdamer Platz but during the Cold War this was one of Berlin’s infamous ghost stations. When the Berlin wall went up in August 1961 it followed the arbitrary borders drawn up by the Allied Powers and the Soviets […]

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Everyday Berlin – Visual Poem by Alex Soloviev

Everyday Berlin is a visual poem about the city by Alex Soloviev – a short film that follows as people go about their daily lives. The film is a series of fleeting moments that give an overall impression of life in Berlin. Berlin is a very different city.  (A) city with (a) special spirit of freedom […]

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A mock up for the text of the David Bowie Memorial Plaque to be installed at Hauptsrasse 155 in Berlin Schöneberg in August 2016

David Bowie Memorial Plaque at Hauptstraße 155

David Bowie, a much beloved adopted son of Berlin, is soon to be honoured by a memorial plaque on the wall of his former home at Hauptstraße 155 in Schöneberg.  On Wednesday evening, Berlin’s State Secretary for Culture, Tim Renner took to Facebook to solicit opinion on the first draft of the text to appear […]

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Mexico Skate Team – Vans Berlin Tour

The Vans Mexico Skate Team was in Berlin in 2014 at the end of a European tour: Max Barrera, Antonio Díaz, Hugo Zurita and Christian Huerta carve up the city in Mexico Skate Team takes the City of Berlin | Skate | VANS. They tick off the most famous skate spots in Berlin, hitting up […]

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Sunday Documentary: Knut and Friends

Knut and Friends tells the story of Knut, a polar bear born in captivity in Berlin Zoo and contrasts his early life with three polar bears born in the wild in the arctic and two orphaned brown bears in the forests of Belarus. Born on 5 December 2006, Knut and his brother (who died just […]

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BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks with Tim Knoll

BMX-rider Tim Knoll does some incredible tricks as he rides around Berlin in his BMX Meets Parkour | Unthinkable Bike Tricks video for Red Bull. Tim Knoll’s riding is a bewildering mixture of technical skills and athletic ability that is part BMX / part gymnastics / part modern dance. He forward rolls, somersaults and swings […]

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Sunday Documentary: Komet Bernhard – Unframing Reality

Komet Bernhard is a Berlin nightlife legend.  Like Techno, Wegbier from the Späti and clubs that don’t close, he epitomises what makes a night out in Berlin…um…so Berlin.  Komet Bernhard – Unframing Reality is a documentary that offers a glimpse into his life. Bernhard Enste (67) was given the name Komet Bernhard by the children […]

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BERLIN (CLASSIFIED) is a little over 3 minutes of pure brilliance – Julien Patry has organised Berlin’s colours and design elements and the results are simply wonderful. Some ideas are so simple and yet so inspired and creative that I just have to tip my hat to the genius behind them, while at the same […]

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Sunday Documentary: Abandoned Berlin

With Ciarán Fahey, author of the hugely popular Abandoned Berlin, as his guide, Jordi Busquets explores some of Berlin’s most popular urbex location for his documentary, also entitled, Abandoned Berlin. Urbex (an abbreviation of urban exploration) is an increasingly popular hobby or pastime, as more and more people appreciate the beauty in decay and the […]

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