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Berghain Drinks Menu Theft Police Letter on eBay

Back in April 2016, it caused quite a stir when a Berghain / Panorama Bar drinks menu appeared for sale on eBay and now the seller is back and this time he’s offering the letter he got from the police about his alleged Berghain drinks menu theft. Berghain, located in a former East Berlin power […]

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BVG Free Wi-Fi Trial Result at U-Bhf Osloer Strasse Berlin

Free Wi-Fi at Berlin U-Bahn Stations

Following a successful trial at U-Bhf Osloer Straße last year, the BVG, Berlin’s main public transport provider, is set to roll out free Wi-Fi at several Berlin underground stations. Given its reputation as a start-up hub it is perhaps surprising to know that Berlin lags way behind when it comes to providing fast and reliable internet […]

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