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Butterfly Mural by Michelle Tombolini

Michelle Tombolini’s Butterfly mural in Friedrichshain, part of the artist’s Indelible Marks project, is a beautiful piece of street art with a sad message – drawing attention as it does to the issue of the sexual exploitation of children. Walking along Boxhagener Strasse, the bright blue wings catch my eye first, contrasting with the black and white […]


Painting Reality – Berlin Street (as) Art

Berlin has often been described as grey and drab but the intersection at Rosenthaler Platz is anything but in this video, Painting Reality, a record of a guerrilla art action by IEPE and the Anonymous Crew. On a quiet Sunday in April 2010, a group of cyclists, coming from four different directions, gathered at the […]


CASE Maclaim – Unter der Hand Mural

Unter der Hand is a gloriously bright, photorealistic mural of overlapping hands from Frankfurt-based street artist CASE aka CASE Maclaim in Berlin. Andreas von Chrzanowski, the man responsible for painting these massive hands in February 2014 was born in Thüringen.  He is regarded as a pioneer of the photorealistic street art movement and has been […]


Fintan Magee Berlin Mural ‘Cycle of Life’: VIDEO

Franco-German TV network ARTE filmed the painting of the Fintan Magee Berlin Mural Cycle of Life for Urban Nation in Berlin. The mural is 42m high by 15m wide and working on such a large scale is a challenge for Magee.  In order to help get the proportions of the piece right he marks out a grid […]

JBAK Totem Mural in Berlin Lichtenberg (still from the JBAK Totem video by Editude Pictures)

JBAK Totem Mural Video by Editude Pictures

Editude Pictures were on hand to follow JBAK as they painted their Totem mural for Lichtenbeg Open Art (LOA) in Berlin. As well as showing the painting in progress, Editude spoke to James Bullough and Addison Karl about their process and vision for the mural and observed an art workshop with local residents given by […]


Totem Mural by JBAK in Berlin Lichtenberg

32 metres high and bursting with colour the Totem Mural by artistic duo JBAK is difficult to miss whether walking or driving past its location in Berlin Lichtenberg. The mural covers the side of an 11-storey block of flats and was produced in collaboration with Lichtenberg Open Art (LOA), with the support of the housing association HOWOGE, […]


Berlin to Mallorca – A RallitoX Confused Movement Project

Photo: RallitoX / Let’s move Berlin to Mallorca Berlin-based street artist RallitoX is hoping to mobilise the people of Berlin in support of his latest Confused Movement project – Let’s move Berlin to Mallorca. RallitoX explains the basis for the proposal on the campaign website: In an era in which words such as relocation or mobility […]