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ALANIZ Painting at Bärenquell Brauerei in Berlin - still from Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy by Vocativ

Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy

I find the comparison to Banksy in the title annoying given their very different styles but if you can get past that, Inside the Mind of ALANIZ, Berlin’s Banksy offers some fascinating insight into the motivation and creative process of the Berlin-based street artist. Whilst taking Vocativ on a tour of his art in Berlin, […]

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Plotbot KEN – Street Art Goes Nuclear

The apocalyptic scenes in the works of Berlin street artist, Plotbot KEN are perfectly suited to the abandoned sites where he often paints.  The above piece is one of a number gracing the walls of the former NSA listening station at Teufelsberg.  His gallery work featured at the alternative Christmas Market, Stattmarkt at Stattbad Wedding. […]

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Berlin-based Street Artist El Bocho At Work On The Street In Berlin

In the Belly of a Whale – El Bocho

Prolific Berlin-based street artist El Bocho speaks to Andreas Lamoth and Frederic Leitzke about his work and his motivations in 2013 in a new episode of their award-winning documentary In the Belly of a Whale. You may recognise a number of the pieces featured as El Bocho has appeared many many times on andBerlin.  Street art […]

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Shepard Fairey – Obey the Giant in Berlin

One of the most recognisable names in Street Art, Shepard Fairey, has been in Berlin painting a large-scale mural for Urban Nation as well as leaving some of his iconic Obey the Giant images and other posters and stickers around town. If you think you haven’t seen his work, think again.  Do you remember that […]

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Tourist Information From Tina Berlina by El Bocho

It was around the start of 2014 that I first noticed Tina Berlina, a new character from prolific Berlin Street Artist El Bocho. Tina has been popping up on the streets of Berlin this year offering advice to tourists and giving German lessons.  Unfortunately, I’ve missed German Lesson 3. Translation: Will I get into Watergate […]

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Berlin Street Art Vol 14 – Various Artists

Feast your eyes on a selection of first class Berlin Street Art. Same procedure as every post James – if the artist has appeared here before, clicking on their name will be rewarded with more of their work. CAZ.L I still don’t know any more about CAZ.L than I did when I first posted her work […]

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Berlin Street Art Vol 13 – Various Artists

Time for another Berlin Street Art selection box – enjoy! You should know the drill by now, but just in case you don’t, if they’ve featured on the blog before clicking on an artist’s name will take you to more of their work. CASE Andreas von Chrzanowski, aka CASE / Case_Maclaim, is the man responsible for […]

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Berlin Street Art Vol 12 – Various Artists

A selection of some of the best Street Art Berlin has to offer.  Where they have featured before on andBerlin you can click on the artist’s name for more great work. Herakut German Street Artists Hera and Akut have been working together under the name Herakut since 2004. ‘Monkey See. Monkey Do.’ was painted for […]

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Banksy Flower Chucker / Thrower in Berlin

Did you know that there is a large-scale example of one of the most recognisable Street Art pieces by undoubtedly the most famous Street Artist in the world in Berlin?  Banksy’s Flower Chucker / Thrower has been reproduced by thousands of opportunistic entrepreneurs on posters, mugs and canvases. You can even buy your own stencil. […]

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FlashInvaders – A Street Art App From Invader

French Street Artist, Invader took the inspiration for his art from the classic arcade game, Space Invaders.  Now, with the launch of his app, FlashInvaders, he has gone full circle and turned his art into a game. Invader’s tile mosaics of Space Invaders can be found in many cities around the world, most notably in […]

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