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Modest Meets – Denny Pham

Berlin-based skateboarder Denny Pham takes filmmakers Modest Department around the hometown they share in Modest Meets – Denny Pham. Berlin is such a creative and open-minded place…people actually come here to be creative…it’s just really open for skateboarding… Pham was born in Rostock in the North of Germany but moved to Berlin because “summers are […]

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Berlin Christmas Markets 2015: 6 of the best

The lead up to Christmas in Berlin means Glühwein, snow (hopefully) and digging out the thermals to head out on the annual quest to track down the Best Berlin Christmas Markets. With over 60 to choose from it’s not easy to decide where to go.  Markets can be traditional or modern, commercial or local affairs. […]

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Sunday Documentary: Spies Beneath Berlin

Spies Beneath Berlin is a documentary about Operation Gold, a joint undertaking by MI6 and the CIA in the 1950s to build a tunnel from West to East Berlin to intercept Soviet intelligence communications. One of the most valuable and daring operations ever undertaken. – Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA 1953-1961 In 1951 the already […]

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Atomteller – Wall plates for the nuclear family

What do you get the man or woman who has everything? Maybe, just maybe, the answer is an Atomteller – a German nuclear power plant in blue and white on a porcelain plate. The Atomteller was dreamt up in Berlin by author and researcher, Mia Grau, and Andree Weissert, an architect and designer. The pair […]

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Berlin Ringbahn – Cities and Memory

Berlin Ringbahn is a two track album created by Martin Kristopher under the name 3dtorus for the Cities and Memory project. Kristopher made his recording of the Berlin Ringbahn S42, which travels anti-clockwise around the city, starting and ending at the Halensee station, on a Saturday afternoon in September 2015. When I recently visited Berlin I […]

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JBAK Totem Mural in Berlin Lichtenberg (still from the JBAK Totem video by Editude Pictures)

JBAK Totem Mural Video by Editude Pictures

Editude Pictures were on hand to follow JBAK as they painted their Totem mural for Lichtenbeg Open Art (LOA) in Berlin. As well as showing the painting in progress, Editude spoke to James Bullough and Addison Karl about their process and vision for the mural and observed an art workshop with local residents given by […]

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Abandoned Motorway Extension – the end of the Berlin Westtangente

It should have been a fast route to the centre of Berlin but on an abandoned motorway extension under Sachsendamm in Schöneberg trees and grass are thriving. In the 1965 Flächennutzungsplan (Land-use plan) (FNP65), echoing Albert Speer’s vision for Welthauptstadt Germania, planners in West Berlin included proposals to build North, South, East and West tangents […]

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Erdal Inci – Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization

Turkish new media artist Erdal Inci has gone to incredible lengths to get across the true scale of the Berlin Wall with his project Berlin Wall: A Data Visualization. When we think about the Berlin Wall, despite having an idea of its length, we can’t easily envisage its real size.  With this question in my […]

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Doyum Grillhaus Turkish Restaurant in Berlin

Doyum Grillhaus is an unassuming looking restaurant serving outstanding Turkish food on Admiralstraße, a few minutes walk from U-Bahnhof Kottbusser Tor in Berlin. Kreuzberg, and the area around Kottbusser Tor in particular, is at the heart of the traditional Turkish community in Berlin and is therefore awash with Turkish restaurants and Kebab shops.  Doyum Grillhaus […]

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