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Klassiker 2014 – Elderly Germans in film poses

Cabaret - Contilia Gruppe / Werntges Studios (pensioner Martha Bajohr poses as Sally Bowles)

Photo courtesy: Contilia Gruppe / Werntges Studios

Proving that the old like to have just as much fun as the young, a group of pensioners in Germany have recreated scenes from classic films for a 2014 calendar.

Klassiker 2014 was conceived by the Contilia Gruppe, a healthcare company whose interests include a number of residential care homes in Essen, as a gift for residents and employees.

Shot in a professional photo studio (Werntges Studios) the models aged 75 to 98 struck poses from films including Blues Brothers, Saturday Night Fever and Titanic.

My personal favourite, with a Berlin connection of course, is Martha Bajohr as Sally Bowles from Cabaret.

You can read more about the project (auf Deutsch) on the Contilia website and download a pdf version of the entire calendar.

Sunday Documentary: The Real Cabaret

The Real Cabaret (screenshot from the BBC documentary about Christopher Isherwood's inspiration for Goodbye to Berlin)

Photo: Still from ‘The Real Cabaret ‘

In this BBC Documentary, The Real Cabaret, actor Alan Cumming sets out to explore the inspiration for Cabaret, the musical based on Christopher Isherwood’s book, Goodbye to Berlin.

Christopher Isherwood moved to Weimar-era Berlin in 1929 – a city in flux, a heady mix of sexual freedom and political upheaval.

Alan Cumming meets with Liza Minelli, who played Sally Bowles in the film, the stepson of Jean Ross (who inspired the character), cabaret artist, Ute Lemper and travels to Berlin to visit some of the streets and buildings Isherwood knew.

The documentary, The Real Cabaret is available on YouTube in 6 parts:

The Real Cabaret – Part 1

Here are the links to Parts 2-6:

The Real Cabaret – Part 2

The Real Cabaret – Part 3

The Real Cabaret – Part 4

The Real Cabaret – Part 5

The Real Cabaret – Part 6

For anyone wanting to know more about Christopher Isherwood, I would recommend another BBC production, Christopher And His Kind, based on Isherwood’s biography of the same name.

Christopher And His Kind