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Mogg & Melzer

The interior of Mogg & Melzer, a delicatessen in Berlin

My first impressions when I walked into Berlin’s Mogg & Melzer were that the room (and it is just a small space) had a stylish clean décor and that it smelt great.

I first found out that Mogg & Melzer served Pastrami sandwiches when I saw a posting from Slow Travel Berlin on their Facebook Page.

As I was so impressed with the Pastrami & Turkey sandwich at Ruben & Carla I was eager to see how this new delicatessen would match up.  During an exchange on the Slow Travel Berlin Facebook post Giulia mentioned that the pickle wasn’t pickly enough so I knew I had to pay attention to that as well.

Eager to find out which has the best Pastrami and the pickliest pickle I went to Mogg & Melzer the very next day for lunch.

The deli is in the newly renovated Jüdische Mädchenschule (Jewish Girls School) on Auguststrasse that also houses the restaurant, Pauly Saal, and three galleries.

When I first put my head around the door all of the tables were taken so I took a walk around the block in the hope that one would become free and I was in luck.

The logo of Mogg & Melzer, a deli in Berlin


As I said my first impressions were good, my second thought was ‘Is it waiter/waitress or counter service?’  The room has an open kitchen, which I love as it’s great to see the food being prepared, with a small counter.

I stood at the counter for a few minutes studying a menu and no one paid me any attention.  So I took the menu to the table and sat there and waited for a few minutes but no one came to take my order.  In the end I got up and went to the counter again and placed my order – I still don’t know which it is meant to be.

And it’s not that the staff aren’t friendly, I saw one of them looking up directions on an iPad for a customer brandishing a guidebook.

I ordered the Large Pastrami Sandwich, as I was feeling very hungry, and a beer.

And it is a large sandwich, packed with pastrami and smothered in mustard, served with coleslaw and a pickle.

A Large Pastrami Sandwich at Mogg & Melzer, a deli in Berlin

The pastrami was juicy and spicy and absolutely delicious and it is obvious that as well as the décor, a lot of thought has gone into the selection of the cutlery, crockery and glasses.  The beer glass I had could have doubled as a dumbbell it was so heavy, obviously not made for long drinking sessions but Mogg & Melzer isn’t that kind of place.

At €12 for the Large Pastrami Sandwich and €3.50 for a 330ml bottle of beer it is certainly on the expensive side but the taste is on the special side.

And about that pickle: it may have been introduced to the vinegar but they certainly hadn’t been given time to really get to know each other.  So as I told Giulia the next day the pickle at Ruben & Carla is definitely picklier.

As for the sandwich, whilst both are fantastic in their own way – at Mogg & Melzer it’s all about the meat but at Ruben & Carla, the accompaniments: tomato; sauerkraut; salad leaves; onion; dressing and mustard make every bite slightly different – Ruben & Carla is streets ahead on value for money and the warmth of the service (a big factor for me).

I’ll definitely go back to Mogg & Melzer when I need a big sandwich, maybe as a hangover cure, and I have to try the Reuben and the Pulled Pork – there’s just too much good food in Berlin.

Luigi Zuckermann – Berlin’s Best Baguette?

The Roast Beef Sandwich at Luigi Zuckermann, a deli in Berlin

Luigi Zuckermann is a great little deli near Rosenthaler Platz that does the most amazing Roast Beef sandwich.

It has been one of my go to places for lunch since I moved to Berlin.  I’d spotted it when I visited the city on holiday but somehow never found the time to go.

I can remember how surprised I was the first time I ate there when I was presented with this enormous baguette.

As well as a generous helping of juicy meat the sandwich is filled with mayonnaise, lettuce, mustard, tomato, pickles, onions, and a honey and mustard vinaigrette.

I’ve taken friends and family to Luigi Zuckermann and everyone has been unanimous in their appreciation of the flavour and amazement at the size of the sandwiches.


I can also recommend the Homemade Lemonade, which is sharp and deliciously refreshing.  Though, as regular readers will know I favour a beer with just about any meal so I tend to go for Veltins, which they have in the 330ml bottles with the funky design.

It was only after posting about Ruben & Carla that I saw a review from ExBerliner on the Ruben & Carla Facebook page that explains that there is a link in the ownership of these two great little restaurants.

It’s fitting then that I rate the Roast Beef Sandwich at Luigi Zuckermann a very close second to the Pastrami and Turkey Sandwich at Ruben & Carla.

Luigi Zuckermann is at Rosenthaler Strasse 67.  Check out their website for more details and menu.

Barcomi’s Deli – Lunch in a Berlin Courtyard

Paulaner Münchner Hell & Menu at Barcomi's Deli in Berlin

Having worked up an appetite walking in the snow I decided that today would be a good day to go back to Barcomi’s Deli.

Barcomi’s Deli isn’t the kind of place that is easy to happen upon.  It is in a back Hof (courtyard) between Sophienstrasse and Gipsstrasse in the art gallery district of Berlin’s Mitte.  I had seen it in an edition of Real Cities on the BBC News website so knew where to find it when I first visited.

Cynthia Barcomi moved to Berlin from New York in 1985, working as a professional dancer.  She opened her first café and coffee shop, Barcomi’s in Kreuzberg’s Bergmannstrasse in 1994, selling her own cakes and Barcomi’s Deli in Mitte followed in 1997, offering a more extensive menu.

Barcomi’s has seating for 90 indoors and 50 outdoors (in warmer weather) and I was lucky enough today to get a booth in the ground floor of the Deli, which wasn’t as busy as on my previous visit.  It’s also possible to get food to takeaway for those who want to eat on the hoof or who have only temporarily escaped the clutches of work.

As before, I ordered the Club Sandwich auf Kartoffelbrot (A smoked turkey, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise double-decker combination on Potato Bread) and a half-litre of Paulaner Münchner Hell.

The Club Sandwich auf Kartoffelbrot (Potato Bread) at Baromi's Deli in Berlin

Now, that’s what I call a sandwich and it’s big on flavour as well as size.  The bill for the sandwich and a beer was EUR 10.50 (plus a tip) and great value in my opinion.

My only problem with the Club Sandwich at Barcomi’s is that it’s so good and so filling that on both of my visits I haven’t had any room left to try one of the delicious cakes, or four of them – they offer a Probierteller (tasting plate), which is 4 half pieces of your choice.

I had a look at the Deli counter on my first visit and the Devil’s Food Cake was virtually screaming ‘EAT ME’ at me.

There’s only one answer – I’m going to have to go back to Barcom’s Deli one day after a smaller lunch elsewhere and have cake.

Luigi Zuckermann

The sign for Luigi Zuckermann, a deli in Berlin, lit up at dusk

I covered a lot of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte on foot today so had worked up quite an appetite by lunchtime.  Unfortunately, it seemed that I wasn’t the only one.

Luckily, I found a spot to sit down at Luigi Zuckermann at the second attempt.

On my first pass the place was packed so Plan B was Dolores for a Burrito.  But that was bursting at the seams as well.  So, I walked back to Luigi Zuckermann salivating at the prospect of a Roast Beef Baguette and praying that there would be somewhere that I could sit and eat it.

I was overjoyed when I saw a free table but less happy when I was told that they had sold out of Roast Beef.  I ordered Prosciutto on the server’s recommendation and added a bottle of Veltins (walking is thirsty work).

Due to some mix up between the server and Chef my order took a little longer than I would expect but once the oversight was realised it arrived promptly.  The wait gave me an opportunity to practice my German by trying to read the Berliner Zeitung.  I think I understood most of the stories I read about the end of Heidi Klum and Seal’s marriage, a Policeman who killed his daughter with his service weapon before turning it on himself and a former Beefeater who was thrown out of his local pub near Peterborough for talking German to his daughter, before the food arrived.

As I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of my food when it arrived but I know I’ll be going back so will take a pic of a Roast Beef Baguette then.

The baguette was good but not quite as good as the Roast Beef Baguette that I had hoped I would be eating.  Still worth the EUR 9.50 (with the beer) though.

In the time I had been inside it had started to snow so that signaled the end of the day’s travels and I headed off to catch the tram home.

I have been back to Luigi Zuckermann to have what I think is probably Berlin’s Best Baguette.  Read about that here.