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The International Berlin Beer Festival – Craft Beer on the Biermeile

The crowd at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

It’s International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival) time in Berlin so this weekend is the perfect time to expand your drinking horizons whilst you catch some sun.

Karl-Marx-Allee during the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

Now in it’s 18th year, the festival takes over the 2.2km stretch of Karl-Marx-Allee from Strausberger Platz to Frankfurter Tor (the Biermeile) and 240 breweries from 87 countries are serving 2,400 different beers.

A Mobile Brewery at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival) Craft Beer Sign at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival) Englische Biere (English Beers) stand at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

The motto of the 2014 event is “craft-brewed beer specials”.  Craft beer is a real buzzword at the moment and there is a huge appetite in Berlin for beers that depart from the German tradition and the strict laws of the Rheinheitsgebot.

Störtebecker Strandkorb (Beach Basket) at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

Beer Contraption at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

Buildings on Karl-Marx-Allee during the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival) If you would like to sample a lot of different beers I would suggest that you buy a glass – €3.50 at one of the Information stalls.  A 0.2l refill at any of the beer stands will then cost you €2 and you don’t need to queue to get your Pfand (deposit) back.

Sunset at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

Beer fans should download Untappd to keep track of the beers they taste – the app allows you to rate and comment on the beer you drink, with the option to add photos to your ‘untaps’ and the usual social features.  If you’re on Untappd you can find me – andberlin.

Brauerei Zwönitzer India Pale Ale at the International Berlin Beer Festival (Internationales Berliner Bierfestival)

My beer recommendations? My favourite beer of the evening was the India Pale Ale from Brauerei Zwönitz – their stall is towards the Frankfurter Tor end of the Biermeile.  For fans of Weissbier, a friend told me (enthusiastically and repeatedly) that the Weisse from Hofbräuhaus Traunstein is the best in the world – you can find it at U-Bahnhof Strausberger Platz.

The eighteenth International Berlin Beer Festival (18. Internationales Berliner Bierfestival) is on from 1 to 3 August 2014.

Schiller Burger Berlin

Chilli Cheeseburger and Süßkartoffel Pommes at Schiller Burger Berlin

I’m certainly not the only one, but since I arrived here I’ve been trying to find Berlin’s Best Burger and, for me, Schiller Burger is one of the best.

As they recently opened a third Berlin location, I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so.

A common theme runs through the décor at the three locations: Herrfurthstrasse 7 in Neukölln; Schönleinstrasse 34 in Kreuzberg; and Wühlichstrasse 41/42 in Friedrichshain.

Menu and Counter at Schiller Burger Herrfurthstrasse Berlin

Neon Lit Interior at Schiller Burger Wühlichstrasse Berlin

Schiller Burger Wühlichstrasse Berlin Menu

As all three have limited indoor seating, it is worth noting that it is possible to take burgers from the Schiller Burger on Herrfurthstrasse to the Schiller Café a little further along the street – handy in the winter months.

When the sun is shining there are also lots of outdoor seats along the pavement here and Tempelhofer Feld is just around the corner if a summer burger picnic is your thing.

Schiller Burger Herrfurthstrasse Berlin

My burger of choice at Schiller Burger is the Chilli Cheeseburger (referred to on the menu as the Wallenstein).

There are slight variations between the burgers at the various locations in Berlin – the Chilli Cheeseburger, for instance, comes with Nachos at the Friedrichshain restaurant.

The basic idea is the same though – juicy, medium-cooked beef, cheese, salad and the kick of a generous serving of Jalapeños in a homemade bun (which is certainly part of what elevates this burger).

Chilli Cheeseburger at Schiller Burger Berlin Close-Up

Another of the big draws of Schiller Burger for me is their Süßkartoffel Pommes (Sweet Potato Fries), which have an extra crunchy texture and a sweet flavour that enhances my enjoyment of the spicy burger.

Süßkartoffel Pommes (Sweet Potato Fries) at Schiller Burger Berlin Close-up

To complete the ultimate threesome I add the Aioli – a garlicy punch that ensures maximum enjoyment and knock your socks off breath afterwards.

And to wash all that down I’d recommend a Bayreuther Hell.

Luckily for burger fans, Berlin seems to be teeming with top-notch burger joints, and Schiller Burger is up there with the best.

Suspended – Alice Pasquini’s Giant Sketchbook

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Alice Pasquini, aka AliCé, has been back in Berlin and left the city a present in the form of a giant mural on the side of a building on Warschauer Strasse.

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Previous visits to Berlin in April 2012 and December 2012 saw Alice paint a selection of pieces across the city but her latest work in the German capital takes things to another level.

Resembling a page from her sketchbook, Alice painted the series of portraits of a young woman, entitled Suspended and covering 150m2, over the course of 6 days.

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Suspended - Street Art by Alice Pasquini aka AliCé in Berlin

Unfortunately, illness prevented me from catching Alice painting the wall but you can see a series of shots of the work in progress by Jessica Stewart of Romephotoblog on Alice’s Facebook page and Instagram feed.

Berlin Street Art Vol 10 – Various Artists

New pieces appear year round on the streets of Berlin but it has been noticeable that since the weather has improved more artists have been hitting the city.  With lots of great Street Art from ALANIZ, ALIAS, CAZ.L and El Bocho to name a few, the problem with compiling this post wasn’t finding good work but agonizing over what to leave out.

That just means that there’s plenty in the bag for more posts though.


It’s always good to find new work by ALIAS and I love the pieces that appeared in Mitte recently.

Game Over - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Behind Bars - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Batter Up - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Peter Pink

This is the first time I’ve seen a Peter Pink piece for myself so the first time he’s appeared on andBerlin but I love the humour in his work that I’ve seen on his Facebook page and other blogs – especially his potatoes.

Angela Merkel - Muss Ja - Street Art by Peter Pink in Berlin


I used a piece by Berlin based street artist CAZ.L in my Dog Lover post and here are a couple more paste-ups spotted in the city lately.  I don’t know much (read next to nothing) about the artist but check out the Facebook Page for updates.

Ride Into The Sun - Street Art by CAZ.L in Berlin

Adoration - Street Art by CAZ.L in Berlin

El Bocho

It would seem that El Bocho favourite Little Lucy has spent the winter coming up with a business plan – she’s still finding inventive ways to kill Kitti who is now on the menu.

Little Lucy Hanging Kitti - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy - Katzeneintopf - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy's Sandwich Shop - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin


As well as the usual paste-ups I’ve found a couple of huge ALANIZ paintings in Berlin lately. Painted with giant rollers you can see more new work in ALANIZ’s Flickr stream.

In Hiding - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

The Blind Prophet - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

No Child Is Born A Criminal - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Robi The Dog

I don’t know if Swiss artist Robi The Dog has moved to Berlin but I’ve seen new works from him regularly since last summer.

Mariachi Boy - Street Art by Robi The Dog in Berlin


Plenty of paste-ups by Swiss street artist .FRA have appeared on walls and doors all over Berlin lately – I’ve seen them in Mitte, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding.

Vado In Miniera - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin

Wanna Buff? (Mexican Wrestler) - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin

.FRA and Robi The Dog

These two Swiss guys have obviously been out pasting together and I love this combination.

Speak Louder & Leggy Zebra - Street Art by Robi The Dog & .FRA in Berlin

Stay tuned for more great Berlin Street Art soon.

JR – Wrinkles of the City in Berlin

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 1

French Street Artist JR began his Wrinkles of the City project in Cartegna in 2008 – since then, he has continued the theme in Shanghai, Los Angeles and Havana and this month, Berlin.

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 2

As luck would have it, I spotted JR and his crew at work at Warschauer Strasse two weeks ago today.  Having recognised his work, I followed him on Twitter and Instagram, where he posted shots of work in progress and some of the completed artworks.

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 3

The concept behind Wrinkles of the City is to take photos of the old people living in the city in which the art will be displayed as large-scale paste-ups on walls that have their own texture so that the architectural wrinkles enhance the physical wrinkles.

JR has left his mark on between 15 and 20 walls in Berlin where suitable buildings are plentiful.

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 11

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 4

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 5

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 6

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 7

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 8

While he was here he also created impromptu artwork at the East Side Gallery, where he rebuilt a section of the wall recently removed by developers amid protests and added a paste up.  In this article in Berliner Morgenpost (auf Deutsch) it is alleged that a Security Guard was knocked out during the incident.  A photo of the artwork has subsequently been removed from JR’s intagram feed.

This isn’t JR’s first contribution to Street Art in Berlin.  JR collaborated with BLU on the mural at Cuvrystrasse that represents the struggle for East and West to remove each other’s masks to reveal their true identity, which featured in my BLU in Berlin post.  JR’s input, the eyes, had unfortunately long since disappeared by the time I first came to Berlin in 2009.  There is also a huge pair of eyes under the railway bridge from Friedrichstrasse station at Schiffbauerdamm.

An exhibition of Wrinkles of the City at Galerie Henrink Springmann runs until 25 May 2013, with two of the outdoor pieces nearby.  The exhibition includes original artworks on wood, incredible photos from the project in previous cities, a captivating multi-screen video installation (with blinking eyes) in the front room and a film of JR at work on loop in the back of the gallery.  It really compliments the street work and I would highly recommend a visit.

You can see more photos of JR’s Wrinkles of the City project in Berlin on his website, including photos of the piece on Warschauer Strasse with an uninterrupted view – an advantage of having access to the train tracks (parked trains have been in the way each time I’ve been there).

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 9

Also, for an interview with JR about the project, shot while he completed the work at Postbahnhof, check out this video from Enter Berlin, a YouTube channel dedicated to urban culture, art, food, fashion and music.

Street Artist JR – Wrinkles of the City // On the Beat

I hope to find more of the JR pieces from Wrinkles of the City in Berlin over the coming weeks.  Sooner rather than later hopefully because there is a question over how long some might last – the diggers are already perilously close to this piece.

JR - Wrinkles of the City Berlin 10

Stolpersteine 198 – 203

Stolpersteine Berlin 203e: In memory of Berthold Goldschmidt (Reichenberger Strasse 181)

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery with photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin over the last week (with the exception of one very special group of stones that I will post about soon).

These Stolpersteine were dedicated to: Heinrich Thieslauk (Warschauer Strasse 60); Robert Becker, Jenny Becker, Erna Becker and Erich Becker (Warschauer Strasse 61); Hans Litten and Martha Litten (Grünberger Strasse 43-45); Wilhelm Selke (Ritterstrasse 109); Willi Otto Büttner (Reichenberger Strasse 184); Morduch Raichlin, Erich Lustig, Frida Raichlin, Ida Lustig, Arthur Itzig, Gertrud Itzig, Amalie Itzig, Gerd Itzig, Cäcilie Lazarus, Tana Stern and Berthold Goldschmidt (Reichenberger Strasse 181).

My first post about Stolpersteine explains the background to these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.

The East Side Gallery – “Mr Wowereit, DON’T tear down this wall!”

Dmitri Vrubel - Fraternal Kiss (Brezhnev and Honecker embrace) - one of the paintings on the Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery

The East Side Gallery is one of Berlin’s most popular tourist attractions – a 1.3km stretch of the Berlin Wall that stands as an ‘international memorial for freedom’.

The wall running along Mühlerstrasse near the banks of the River Spree was painted with over 100 murals by a group of international artists.

On 28 February 2013 my Twitter feed was abuzz with the news that a section of the wall was to be removed so that a developer could build a block of luxury flats on the land between the wall and the river.

People reacted strongly.

A protest was organised for the following day at the Wall and thanks to those protesters the removal was halted with just a small section gone.

A larger protest was organised on the Saturday morning.  Reports of the numbers present varied but official estimates put the turnout at 6,000.

A petition was started and thousands of signatures were quickly added.

On Monday morning events took a turn for the bizarre.

I woke up when my phone buzzed beside me.  I had a notification of a tweet from @HildaHoy.

I blinked a few times.  I pinched myself.  I wasn’t dreaming.

David Haselhoff had somehow read a post I had written on Sunday about his song Looking For Freedom, in which I had referred to the threat to the East Side Gallery and had tweeted about it.

Later that day, David Hasselhoff wrote his own blog post about the issue and urged his fans to sign the petition.

The Hoff’s involvement was widely reported – articles appeared on the websites of The Guardian, Berliner Morgenpost and Süddeutsche.  The Mädels with a Microphone made a great podcast about the protests.

And now to top it all off in an interview with HuffPost Live, David Hasselhoff has said that he would be willing to perform at the Wall to show his support.

Save East Side Gallery Petition - A computer generated image of flats at the Wall

Image: Change.org

The number of signatures on the petition to Berlin mayor, Klaus Wowereit, is now closing in on 75,000 – you can add your name to it on change.org.

To paraphrase Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, delivered at the Berlin Wall in 1987, the message is:

“Mr Wowereit, DON’T tear down this wall!”

Work at the wall has been suspended until after the issue has been discussed at a meeting of the Berlin Senate on 18 March.

The developer has how said that the section of wall was being removed to give access to a new pedestrian bridge – a replacement for the Brommybrücke, which was blown up by the Nazis as the Soviets advanced on Berlin.  Klaus Wowereit has indicated that he thinks removal of the wall should be avoided if possible.  Early signs are good that a suitable compromise can be reached.

It would be incredible to see The Hoff perform at the Berlin Wall and if that happens, Gilly has to be there too.  And if it’s going to be perfect, we have to go to a bar on Hasselhoffstrasse (if the concert happens there has to be a street named after him) afterwards for beers, a burger and Vodka Ahojs – the man himself being present would be the icing on the cake.