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Berlin Street Art Vol 8 – Various Artists

It’s time for another cracking assortment of top quality Street Art seen on the walls, lamp posts and street furniture of Berlin.

I have linked to other posts where some of the artists have appeared on andBerlin before.


Looking Into The Shadows - Street Art by VL in Berlin


I was really chuffed to find this Dede piece at Urban Spree because I had seen it on his Flickr but didn’t manage to uncover it before I wrote my Dede post.

Alley Cat - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

The London Police

The London Police is a street art collective that was formed to combine travel with art and I love this giant mural spotted in Kreuzberg while I was tracking down pieces for my MTO post.

6-2 - Street Art by The London Police in Berlin

Robi The Dog

Colourful and surreal, Robi The Dog‘s paste-ups have added something a little bit different to Berlin’s street art scene.

Oh My God - Street Art by Robi The Dog in Berlin

Bug Eyed Boy - Street Art by Robi The Dog in Berlin


A Question Of Time - Street Art by 02:53 in Berlin

I love the placement of this 02:53 street art on the side of a clothes bank near the Mauerpark.

Rylsee x Sophie LeMeillour

This giant robot on the side of Urban Spree was a collaboration between Swiss street artist Rylsee and French visual artist Sophie LeMeillour.  The mural was created for New Year’s Eve and LeMeillour animated the eye by projecting onto it.

Robot - Street Art by Rylsee x Sophie LeMeillour in Berlin


Happy Monkey - Street Art by URBEN in Berlin

El Bocho

El Bocho is a firm favourite and I’m always amazed at just how much work he gets up in Berlin.

Is It Me You Looking For? - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Shepard Fairey

Remembered now for his appropriation of a Barack Obama image, Shepard Fairey is most well known in street art circles for his Obey The Giant art, a progression of this André The Giant campaign.

André The Giant Has A Posse Sticker - Street Art by Shepard Fairey in Berlin


LNY (an abbreviation of Lunar New Year) is from Ecuador and living in Newark.  You can see more work on the artist’s website.

Thanks to Berlin Street View for giving me the artist’s name.

Hijab - Street Art by LNY in Berlin

Unknown Artist

If anyone knows who is responsible for this last piece please leave a comment so that I can give the proper credit.

Muse - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Video Week – Berlin on Vimeo: Day 6 – Berlin Holi Open Air – Festival of Colours

Berlin Holi Open Air Festival (screenshot from Official Video)

Photo: Still from Berlin Holi Open Air Festival – Official Video

Here’s a splash of colour to start the weekend of Video WeekBerlin Holi Open Air – Festival of Colours.

In July 2012 thousands gathered outside Postbahnhof in Berlin to celebrate Holi – a Hindu Festival of Colours traditionally celebrated in spring – by throwing bags of coloured powder at each other.

Berlin Holi Open Air – Festival of Colours 2013 will be taking place on 29 June 2013.  Sign up for more info on the website.

Berlin Holi Open Air – Festival of Colours

Finding AliCé By Accident

A Little Angel Reflected - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

When I found out Alice Pasquini aka AliCé would be visiting Berlin in December I was excited and disappointed at the same time.

I was excited because AliCé is one of my favourite Street Artists and disappointed because I knew I would only have a few days to find her work before flying to Cardiff for Christmas.

As it happens, I managed to find 8 of the 13 pieces she left on Berlin’s streets during her visit before I left, which I posted here.

It wasn’t until last Sunday when I was walking around Kreuzberg hunting out some old MTO pieces for my MTO: Photorealistic Street Art in Berlin post that I found the remaining 5 by accident.

Sometimes things just go your way.

Do You Wanna Know A Secret? - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

Love On The Telephone - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

A Little Angel - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

Chubby Cheeks - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

YAAM Must Survive - Street Art by AliCé in Berlin

For me, these are some of the sweetest pieces of Street Art that AliCé has painted in Berlin.

Reasons I Miss Berlin #3 – Currywurst

I Love Currywurst - sign on a Currywurst van at Ostbahnhof in Berlin

As much as I’m enjoying some home-cooked meals and the opportunity to have a great take-away curry back in the UK, I miss my favourite Berlin snack – Currywurst.

Over the last year I’ve been on a quest to find the best Currywurst in Berlin – my ‘Best of the Wurst’.

Here’s a rundown of my 3 favourite Currywurst Imbisse in Berlin.

1 – zur Bratpfanne

Currywurst & Chips (Currywurst mit Pommes) at Zur Bratpfanne in Berlin

The best Currywurst that I’ve had so far in Berlin is from zur Bratpfanne in Steglitz.  I loved it on my first visit and have been back a few times since, even making some special trips.

2 – Curry 66

Currywurst & Chips (Currywurst mit Pommes) at Curry 66 in Berlin

At Curry 66 the sauce is offered in 9 different levels of spiciness from ‘Angenehm’ to ‘Black Death’ – so far the spiciest I have had is 3: Scharf.

3 – Curry 36

Currywurst & Chips (Currywurst mit Pommes) at Curry 36 in Berlin

Curry 36 features in all the Berlin guidebooks and along with Konnopke’s Imbiss is probably the most famous of Berlin’s many Imbisse.  Devotees can now get their Curry 36 fix at Zoologischer Garten Bahnhof, as well as the original Imbiss on Mehringdamm.

Berlin Street Art Vol 6 – Various Artists

It’s another mixed bag of Berlin Street Art this week.  If an artist has featured before you can click on their name to see more.


Praying - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Whether they are on the street, in a gallery or show, his pieces are always instantly recongnisable.  ALIAS it seems has been out on the streets of Berlin recently placing a number of pieces.

L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles)

Fuck Politician - Street Art by L.E.T. (Les Enfants Terribles) in Berlin

This was one of two great L.E.T. pieces on the same wall in Friedrichshain and the first piece I’ve seen by the artist.

El Bocho

Little Lucy Kit Kat Break - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy is a firm favourite on Berlin’s streets and El Bocho is one of the city’s great Street Artists.

Dscreet & Stik

Dscreet & Stik in Berlin

I was delighted to find these pieces by London-based artists Dscreet and Stik flanking a shop in Kreuzberg.


In The Pink - Street Art by C215 in Berlin

Looking Up - Street Art by C215 in Berlin

I saw these two C215 pieces whilst I was out hunting for the AliCé pieces that featured in my AliCé – Back in Berlin post, which is fitting, as the two artists are friends.


Afro Lady - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin


Siamese Squirrel (Blue) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

Israeli Street Artist Dede featured here recently and I found another of the Siamese animals from his Wild Life series in Friedrichshain last week.


Masked Man - Street Art by SOON in Berlin

I have been noticing more and more black and white paste-ups from SOON in Berlin over recent months.  See more from the artist on Facebook.


Thanks to Ali from Picturing England for getting in touch to let me know that this piece is by NETHER.  You can see more from the artist including the same paste-up in London in her post Nether, Nether Land…

Blue Food - Street Art by NETHER in Berlin

Unknown Artists

If anyone has any info about the artists for these last pieces, please let me know in the comments so that I can give the proper credit.

Censored - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Sternburg Stormtroopers - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Happy Birthday - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Pink Tail - Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin

Dede On Tour in Berlin – Mutant Animals and Plasters

Siamese Birds (Wild Life) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

The sum total of what I have been able to find out about Dede (sometimes referred to as Dede Confidential – now I know where that name comes from) is that he is an Israeli Street Artist and is prolific in Tel Aviv.

It was his Wild Life series of Siamese animals that I first noticed on the streets of Berlin.  These striking and unusual stencils appealed to me immediately.

Siamese Squirrels (Wild Life) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

Lizard King (Wild Life) (Siamese Lizard With Butterfly Wings) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

The paste ups of his Caffeine series are a completely different style and if they weren’t signed, I wouldn’t have known that they were by the same artist.

Miss (Head of Heads) (Caffeine) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

Arms Full of Plasters (Caffeine) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

Heads and Plasters (Caffeine) - Street Art by Dede in Berlin

If you’d like to see more Street Art from Dede, check out his website, Facebook page and Flickr Stream.

Photos From My Phone – November

Another new series on andBerlin, Photos From My Phone, is a monthly round up of some of the things I’ve seen and done in Berlin, many of which I won’t have blogged about.

If you follow me on Twitter or Like my page on Facebook you may have seen some of these snaps before.

So here’s a taste of what I got up to in November:

I saw this Street Art with some bears attacking the Fernsehturm by Bimer after brunch with friends at Café Aroma.

Bears vs Fernsehturm - Street Art by Bimer in Berlin

I took a quick snap of the Fernsehturm at night from Alexanderplatz.

The Berlin Fernsehturm (TV Tower) at Night from Alexanderplatz

I saw this graffiti – Wem Gehört die Stadt (Who owns the city) when I went for a burger at Burger de Ville.

Wem Gehört Die Stadt - Graffiti by Unknown Artist in Berlin

I went for some very tasty cocktails at Reingold.

Spirit Bottles at Reingold a cocktail bar in Berlin

A Daiquiri at Reingold in Berlin

And then onto a party at Adam’s (from Travels of Adam) apartment, where I saw this sticker on one of the doors in his building (it translates as sexist shit shit).

Sexistische Kackscheisse (Sexist Shit Shit) - Sticker in a Berlin apartment building

I spotted this picture of the Tempelhofer Berg, a proposed mountain on the site of the Tempelhof Airport whilst enjoying a great night out with friends at Rock n Roll Bingo at White Trash Fast Food.

A picture of the proposed Tempelhofer Berg (Tempelhof Mountain) at White Trash Fast Food

I went to see a friend of a friend, Thimo Sander, play guitar with German band Plan B at Postbahnhof in Berlin.

Thimo Sander playing guitar with Plan B at Postbahnhof in Berlin

Christmas Market season in Berlin started and I went to Schmankerl-Hüttn (twice), an Austrian ski chalet themed bar at the Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz to listen to German Schlager, dance on the benches and drink beer and Jägermeister.

Queueing to go into Schmankerl-Huettn at Winterwelt am Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

I hope there will be another couple of trips to Schmankerl-Hüttn and other great nights out in Berlin on the cards in December.

Stolpersteine 147 – 153

Stolpersteine Berlin 151: In memory of Willy Friedmann and Lina Friedmann (outside Apotheke am Moritzplatz at Oranienstrasse 158)

I have added photos of all the Stolpersteine I saw this week in Berlin (and as you can see there were quite a few) to my Stolpersteine Gallery.

The Stolpersteine I saw were laid for: Siegfried Redlich, Elfriede Redlich, Louis Hoffmann and Grete Hoffmann (Senefelderstrasse 4); Nanny Stern (Eichendorffstrasse 18); Else Luft and Erna Herrmann (Brunnenstrasse 41); Kurt Gumpert, Ewald Gumpert, Georg Gumpert and Irene Gumpert (Oranienstrasse 187); Willy Friedmann and Lina Friedmann (outside Apotheke am Moritzplatz at Oranienstrasse 158); Käthe Simonsohn (Auguststrasse 17); Siegfried Lewin, Adelheid Lewin, Edith Lewin and Helga Lewin (Ackerstrasse 1).

If you’d like to know more about this important project by the artist Gunter Demnig, that recognises and memorialises the victims of National Socialism please check out my first Stolpersteine post.