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Berlin Street Art Vol 5 – Various Artists

It’s time for another Pick n Mix of the best Berlin Street Art I have seen recently from a variety of artists. As in previous posts in this series, you can click on an artist’s name to see more of their work if they have featured before on andBerlin. C215 C215 has appeared here a […]


A Tribute To Prost

The team behind Berlin Spricht Für Sich, the fantastic Street Art inspired music video that featured in my A Year In The Life Of Berlin post also created a A Tribute To Prost. This is a song and video based on the Street Art of Mein Lieber Prost, best known for his smiley faces that […]

Smiley Sticker: Street Art by Mein Lieber Prost (often shortened to Prost) in Berlin

Mein Lieber Prost

I have seen the smiley faces and people of Berlin-based Street Artist, Mein Lieber Prost (often shortened to Prost) on the streets of Berlin since I first visited the city in 2009.  His simple but effective drawings and occasional advertising takeover antics always bring to mind the phrase ‘Smile and the world smiles with you…’. […]