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MJ’s Foodshop – My Favourite Berlin Club

Close Up Roast Turkey Club Sandwich at MJs Foodshop Berlin

As a Brit I am naturally fond of a sandwich and finding one in Berlin is not an easy task but that’s where MJ’s Foodshop comes in, not only is the Roasted Turkey Club sandwich delicious, it’s a thing of beauty and massive to boot.

Roast Turkey Club Sandwich at MJs Foodshop Berlin MJs Foodshop Berlin Logo Mac and Cheese at MJs Foodshop Berlin

Juicy turkey is backed up by bacon (and as we all know, everything is better with bacon), lettuce, tomato, eggs and mayo and comes served in toasted homemade bread.

And as I wrote earlier it’s massive but more importantly it tastes so good.

My advice is to order Mac and Cheese as a side – it’s creamy and cheesy and therefore a perfect accompaniment to the club sandwich.

Philly Cheese Steak at MJs Foodshop Berlin Homemade Lemonade at MJs Foodshop Berlin Hand Cut Fries at MJs Foodshop Berlin

If for some reason the Roasted Turkey Club doesn’t appeal I can also recommend the Philly Cheese Steak and the fries.

The portions at MJ’s are so big that I’ve never managed to make it through the main course with enough room left for dessert but one day I’m determined to try the New York Cheesecake.

If you’re looking for a bit of comfort food in Berlin and you have either someone to share with or a large appetite MJ’s Foodshop is at Sonnenallee 34 – one thing to note, don’t go on Mondays when MJ’s is closed.

Schiller Burger Berlin

Chilli Cheeseburger and Süßkartoffel Pommes at Schiller Burger Berlin

I’m certainly not the only one, but since I arrived here I’ve been trying to find Berlin’s Best Burger and, for me, Schiller Burger is one of the best.

As they recently opened a third Berlin location, I’m obviously not the only one who thinks so.

A common theme runs through the décor at the three locations: Herrfurthstrasse 7 in Neukölln; Schönleinstrasse 34 in Kreuzberg; and Wühlichstrasse 41/42 in Friedrichshain.

Menu and Counter at Schiller Burger Herrfurthstrasse Berlin

Neon Lit Interior at Schiller Burger Wühlichstrasse Berlin

Schiller Burger Wühlichstrasse Berlin Menu

As all three have limited indoor seating, it is worth noting that it is possible to take burgers from the Schiller Burger on Herrfurthstrasse to the Schiller Café a little further along the street – handy in the winter months.

When the sun is shining there are also lots of outdoor seats along the pavement here and Tempelhofer Feld is just around the corner if a summer burger picnic is your thing.

Schiller Burger Herrfurthstrasse Berlin

My burger of choice at Schiller Burger is the Chilli Cheeseburger (referred to on the menu as the Wallenstein).

There are slight variations between the burgers at the various locations in Berlin – the Chilli Cheeseburger, for instance, comes with Nachos at the Friedrichshain restaurant.

The basic idea is the same though – juicy, medium-cooked beef, cheese, salad and the kick of a generous serving of Jalapeños in a homemade bun (which is certainly part of what elevates this burger).

Chilli Cheeseburger at Schiller Burger Berlin Close-Up

Another of the big draws of Schiller Burger for me is their Süßkartoffel Pommes (Sweet Potato Fries), which have an extra crunchy texture and a sweet flavour that enhances my enjoyment of the spicy burger.

Süßkartoffel Pommes (Sweet Potato Fries) at Schiller Burger Berlin Close-up

To complete the ultimate threesome I add the Aioli – a garlicy punch that ensures maximum enjoyment and knock your socks off breath afterwards.

And to wash all that down I’d recommend a Bayreuther Hell.

Luckily for burger fans, Berlin seems to be teeming with top-notch burger joints, and Schiller Burger is up there with the best.

Berlin Street Art Vol 10 – Various Artists

New pieces appear year round on the streets of Berlin but it has been noticeable that since the weather has improved more artists have been hitting the city.  With lots of great Street Art from ALANIZ, ALIAS, CAZ.L and El Bocho to name a few, the problem with compiling this post wasn’t finding good work but agonizing over what to leave out.

That just means that there’s plenty in the bag for more posts though.


It’s always good to find new work by ALIAS and I love the pieces that appeared in Mitte recently.

Game Over - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Behind Bars - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Batter Up - Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Peter Pink

This is the first time I’ve seen a Peter Pink piece for myself so the first time he’s appeared on andBerlin but I love the humour in his work that I’ve seen on his Facebook page and other blogs – especially his potatoes.

Angela Merkel - Muss Ja - Street Art by Peter Pink in Berlin


I used a piece by Berlin based street artist CAZ.L in my Dog Lover post and here are a couple more paste-ups spotted in the city lately.  I don’t know much (read next to nothing) about the artist but check out the Facebook Page for updates.

Ride Into The Sun - Street Art by CAZ.L in Berlin

Adoration - Street Art by CAZ.L in Berlin

El Bocho

It would seem that El Bocho favourite Little Lucy has spent the winter coming up with a business plan – she’s still finding inventive ways to kill Kitti who is now on the menu.

Little Lucy Hanging Kitti - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy - Katzeneintopf - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin

Little Lucy's Sandwich Shop - Street Art by El Bocho in Berlin


As well as the usual paste-ups I’ve found a couple of huge ALANIZ paintings in Berlin lately. Painted with giant rollers you can see more new work in ALANIZ’s Flickr stream.

In Hiding - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

The Blind Prophet - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

No Child Is Born A Criminal - Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Robi The Dog

I don’t know if Swiss artist Robi The Dog has moved to Berlin but I’ve seen new works from him regularly since last summer.

Mariachi Boy - Street Art by Robi The Dog in Berlin


Plenty of paste-ups by Swiss street artist .FRA have appeared on walls and doors all over Berlin lately – I’ve seen them in Mitte, Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding.

Vado In Miniera - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin

Wanna Buff? (Mexican Wrestler) - Street Art by .FRA in Berlin

.FRA and Robi The Dog

These two Swiss guys have obviously been out pasting together and I love this combination.

Speak Louder & Leggy Zebra - Street Art by Robi The Dog & .FRA in Berlin

Stay tuned for more great Berlin Street Art soon.

Berlin Skyline – The View From the Parkdeck of Neukölln Arcaden

Berlin Skyline - The view from the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden

Having spent the afternoon in Neukölln the other week having a burger at Berlin Burger International and checking out the abandoned Children’s Hospital, I decided to make the most of ‘Golden Hour’ (the hour before sunset) and returned to the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden for a great free view of the Berlin skyline.

I first came to check out the Berlin skyline at night with Digital Cosmonaut back in October and have been meaning to return to the roof of the parking garage of this Neukölln shopping centre for some daylight shots since.

Berlin Skyline - The view from the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden

Berlin Skyline - The view from the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden

Berlin Skyline - The view from the Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden

The Parkdeck of the Neukölln Arcaden is a great place to watch the sunset over Berlin and I will be back again in the summer with a couple of beers for a repeat performance.

Berlin Burger International (BBI)

Berlin Burger International (BBI) in Neukölln

Berlin Burger International (BBI) has been on my to-do list so long that I can’t even remember where I heard about it – I just remember hearing that the burgers are amazing.

I was heading to Neukölln last week to check out an abandoned Children’s Hospital and had woken up with a burger craving so I decided to make a pit stop on the way.

Berlin Burger International is on Pannierstrasse not far from the corner with Sonnenallee so an easy walk from U-Bhf Hermannplatz.

Indoor seating is at a premium at BBI and knowing this I decided to delay my visit until 3 in the afternoon in the hope that the lunchtime rush would have died down and the dinner rush not started.  Well, either lots of other people had the same idea or this place is just busy all day long.

Fortunately, I went on the first sunny day in Berlin this year (an exaggeration but it feels a bit that way) and despite the cold people were sat on the benches outside eating their burgers.

I ordered a Chilli Cheesburger and Pommes (chips), grabbed a Bier from the fridge and sat down at a stool near the grill to wait for my food.

Chilli Cheeseburger at Berlin Burger International in Neukölln

My Chilli Cheesburger came loaded with toppings and a stick thrust through the bun doing its best to stop the whole lot spilling across the plate and was a taste sensation.

There were plenty of jalapenos and they along with the chilli in the cheese gave the burger a great kick and the smoky bacon added another dimension.  My one criticism would be that the sauce was a bit too BBQ like but that’s a very minor point – the Chilli Cheeseburger at Berlin Burger International is delicious.

So my advice is to get yourself down to Neukölln to try out Berlin Burger International, preferably when the sun is out and you can either sit on those benches outside or take your burger and sit near the canal.

Stolpersteine 192 – 193

Stolpersteine Berlin 193: In memory of Klara Jacob (Silbersteinstrasse 97)

I have added photos of the Stolpersteine I saw in Berlin over the past week to my Stolpersteine Gallery.

The Stolpersteine I saw were memorials to: Felix Mechelsohn (Adalbertstrasse 95A); Klara Jacob (Silbersteinstrasse 97).

If you’d like to know more about this very worthy project by artist Gunter Demnig that recognises the individuals who suffered at the hands of National Socialism you should read my first post about Stolpersteine.

The Berlin Skyline At Night: The view from the Neukölln Arcaden

The Berlin skyline at night from the roof of the parking garage of the Neukölln Arcaden

The roof of the parking garage at the Neukölln Arcaden shopping centre may seem like an unlikely place to include in a ‘must-see Berlin‘ list but when you see the view of the Berlin skyline from there it starts to make sense.

This viewpoint features in the book ‘111 Orte in Berlin, Die Man Gesehen Haben Muss‘ (111 Places in Berlin You Have to See), an interesting book (though a struggle for me to understand with my poor German) with some unusual suggestions.

Having discovered the joys of night photography when capturing the spectacle of the Berlin Festival of Lights I jumped at the chance of a night-time photo walk with Digital Cosmonaut and suggested the Neukölln Arcaden.

The Berlin skyline at night from the roof of the parking garage of the Neukölln Arcaden

The Berlin skyline at night from the roof of the parking garage of the Neukölln Arcaden

The Berlin skyline at night from the roof of the parking garage of the Neukölln Arcaden

I will certainly return to the roof of the Neukölln Arcaden to take more photos – it’s rare to find such a great view for free.  It will be good to see how the skyline looks when the Fernsehturm isn’t lit up for the Festival of Lights and I’d also like to capture the scene in daylight.

ALANIZ – Berlin Street Art

Berliner Lump: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

I first became aware of ALANIZ when I saw this great paste-up in the Hof featured in my A Berlin Hof Spot post.

As I turned the corner of the stairs my eye was immediately drawn to the colours and of course the Currywurst.

I did a little bit of digging on the net in order to credit the artist when I posted the photo and found out that ALANIZ is a street artist from Argentina living in Berlin.  He is eager to point out on his website that ALANIZ is his real name.

When another piece appeared in the same Hof I was hooked.

Broken Kind: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a fair bit of his work so it’s time to share.

Berliner Kindl: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Child: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

NIL (Water): Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Sleeping Into The Streets: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Meditation: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Head in Hands: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

Holy-shit: Street Art by ALANIZ in Berlin

If you like ALANIZ’s work you should check out his Flickr stream.

Stolpersteine 102 – 104

Stolpersteine 104: In memory of Luise Hartnack (Lenaustrasse 6) in Berlin

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery, which you can find here, with pictures of the Stolpersteine I have seen in the last week.

The Stolpersteine I saw this week were laid in memory of: Elsa Guttentag, Kurt Guttentag and Erwin Buchwald (Torstrasse 126); Rolf Brandt, Oskar Kaufmann, Anna Kaufmann, Max Katz, Ilona Salzmann and Bella Niessenbaum (Dieffenbachstrasse 45); Luise Hartnack (Lenaustrasse 6).

My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.