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Biergärten in the Tiergarten

  As well as being an oasis of calm in the heart of Berlin and a great place to lay in the grass and catch some sun, the Tiergarten is home to two of my favourite outdoor drinking spots in Berlin. Walking around such a huge park can be very thirsty work and the Biergärten […]

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The Tiergarten

Berlin’s largest park, the Tiergarten, seemed like the perfect place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon.  So yesterday, with Berlin enjoying some much needed sunshine, that’s exactly where I went. And I wasn’t the only one. Some people chose a spot on the banks of the canal and were absorbed in a book, others lay […]

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Stolpersteine 64: In memory of Ruth Joseph (Metzer Strasse 30) in Berlin

Stolpersteine 60 – 72

After two weeks without seeing any Stolpersteine (though admittedly I spent the best part of seven days out of the country) it seemed like I couldn’t go anywhere without seeing them this week. I have added photos of all the Stolpersteine I saw to the gallery here.  I think that some of them may even […]

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