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A wander around Kreuzberg in the sun

Astronaut (Spaceman): Street Art by Victor Ash in Berlin

Before Christmas I went to Kreuzberg with my camera to get a picture of this Street Art piece by Victor Ash of an Astronaut (Cosmonaut, Spaceman, take your pick depending on where you come from) and spent some time walking around but it was raining so my photos weren’t great. As it was sunny this morning when I woke up I decided to head back and do some more exploring.

I got off the U-Bahn at Moritzplatz and wandered along Oranienstrasse as far as Görlizer Bahnholf walking up and down some of the side streets as I passed.  I then turned and did the same as I walked back along Oranienstrasse to Moritzplatz.

It was as I walked along one of the side streets that I walked passed a doorway with a veritable Who’s Who of Street Art.  These pieces by Faile, ALIAS and C215 were all in the one spot on Naunynstrasse.

Smoker: Street Art by C215 in Berlin

Black Hat: Street Art by ALIAS in Berlin

Usherette: Street Art by FAILE in Berlin

At some point I will add a gallery with more photos from my walk, maybe a best of January 2012 effort.

The January 2012 Street Art Gallery is now available here.

A couple of hours well spent

Astronaut (Spaceman): Street Art by Victor Ash in Berlin

I went to Kreuzberg today with my camera.  I had spotted this well-known piece by Victor Ash on the way back to the U-Bahn station from yesterday’s Weihnachtsflowmarkt Nowkoelln at the Umspannwerk on Paul-Lincke Ufer but hadn’t taken the camera out with me.

Unfortunately, by the time I arrived it had started to rain and the light wasn’t good for photographs but I decided that I would do a recce for a more productive walk in the future.
I followed the tracks of the U1 from Kottbusser Tor passed the Victor Ash piece and all the way along Skalitzer Strasse (resisting the temptation to stop at Burgermeister under the U-Bahn tracks at Schlesisches Tor, which will have to wait for another day) to the Oberbaumbrucke, which I crossed on the lower level, as featured in the film Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run).

As I reached the bridge I passed the BLU Baby piece and crossing the river looked back to his other massive artwork of a businessman handcuffed by time.

Having reached Friedrichshain I turned right along Stralauer Allee, which I followed all the way to the Elsenbrücke and a great view back to the Molecule Man before heading to Treptower Park S-Bahnhof, where I caught the train home.

It would have been a much more pleasant walk, and I would have got some great photos, in good weather but it was a couple of hours well spent because I know I’ll be back.

Girl in a Red Skirt: Street Art by Unknown Artist in Berlin