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Sunday Documentary: Lost Worlds – Hitler’s Supercity

Lost Worlds - Hitler's Supercity (a screenshote of Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer)

Photo: Still From ‘Lost Worlds – Hitler’s Supercity’

In today’s Sunday Documentary, I return to a subject covered in two previous documentaries posted here – Hitler’s Henchmen – Speer – The Architect and Hitler’s Hidden City – Hitler’s unrealised plans for Welthauptstadt Germania as drawn up by Albert Speer.

From around the 15-minute mark there is a very interesting section about the man-made lake in Nuremberg that marks the site of the foundations for a stadium four times the size of the Olympic Stadium in Berlin.  The stadium would be capable of holding 400,00 people and Hitler intended that it would host the Olympic Games every year.

This documentary also includes a visit to one of Berlin’s most unusual attractions, the Schwerbelastungskörper, a massive cylinder of concrete in the Tempelhof district used to test the ground for the placement of the planned Triumphal Arch of Welthauptstadt Germania.

Lost Worlds – Hitler’s Supercity

Sunday Documentary: Hitler’s Henchmen – Speer – The Architect

Albert Speer shakes hands with Adolf Hitler in a still from the documentary: Hitler's Henchmen - Speer - The Architect

Mixing archive footage and interviews with Speer’s children and contemporaries, Hitler’s Henchmen – Speer – The Architect, is the sixth and final part of a documentary series based on the book, Hitler’s Henchmen by Guido Knopp.

The documentary shows the faith that Hitler placed in Speer:

In January 1934 Troost died.  Speer, who had not yet designed a single building, became the First Architect of the Führer – a phenomenal rise to power.

I was aware of Speer’s role as Hitler’s architect for Welthauptstadt Germania, having visited the Schwerbelastungskörper (the testing stone for the foundations of Hitler’s triumphal arch) and seen the model of the Große Halle (Great Hall) at the Deutsches Historisches Museum (German Historical Museum).

It was learning of Speer’s role as Armaments Minister, a position he assumed in 1942 after the suspicious death of Fritz Todt in a plane crash, that surprised me.

Hitler’s Henchmen – Speer – The Architect