Efes Bistro – Döner Kebap

Close Up of Efes Bistro Döner Kebap im Brot

With the largest Turkish population of any city outside Turkey it is no surprise that there are a plethora of Imbiße and restaurants serving Turkish Food in Berlin.

Efes Bistro is one such restaurant and for me it’s a real belter.  Situated on the corner of Kantstrasse and Windscheidstrasse, it is a short stroll from the S-Bahnhof Charlottenburg and the shops on Wilmersdorfer Strasse.

The doner kebabs here are made with veal and are served in a triangular crusted bread rather that the pitta used in most kebab shops in the UK.  They come filled with fresh salad and a choice of three sauces (for me it has to be Chilli).

This Döner Kebap im Brot was €2.90 and washed down with a Berliner Kindl, made for a tasty and filling lunch.

A Döner Kebap im Brot (Doner Kebab in bread) at Efes Bistro in Berlin

Efes Bistro is definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area but I like the Döner Kebap so much that I’m happy to take a train just to eat there.

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