Stolpersteine 102 – 104

Stolpersteine 104: In memory of Luise Hartnack (Lenaustrasse 6) in Berlin

I have updated my Stolpersteine Gallery, which you can find here, with pictures of the Stolpersteine I have seen in the last week.

The Stolpersteine I saw this week were laid in memory of: Elsa Guttentag, Kurt Guttentag and Erwin Buchwald (Torstrasse 126); Rolf Brandt, Oskar Kaufmann, Anna Kaufmann, Max Katz, Ilona Salzmann and Bella Niessenbaum (Dieffenbachstrasse 45); Luise Hartnack (Lenaustrasse 6).

My first post about Stolpersteine gives more background about these memorials to the victims of National Socialism created by artist Gunter Demnig.

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