The Marienburger logo on a flag stuck in the burger bun in BerlinWhen Ian & Ebe from Back to Berlin and Beyond suggested meeting for lunch a couple of weeks ago and asked me to choose the restaurant I had to search the memory banks for somewhere new to try.

Luckily, I remembered reading a positive review of Marienburger on Mogli Oak – Berlin.

So on a sunny day we sat outside Marienburger on Marienburger Strasse in Prenzlauer Berg.

I ordered a Chilli Cheeseburger, Fries and a bottle of Berliner Pilsner, Ebe opted for a Sophia Loren Burger and Ian chose a Snake Burger.  We were all amazed at how quickly our food was ready.

The burgers are cooked to order on a grill plate in full view of anyone in the small restaurant (there are just 9 stools at a counter running around the wall).  When the food is ready the orders are announced through a megaphone.

A Chilli Cheeseburger at Marienburger in Berlin

When my burger arrived as well as being impressed by the speed at which it was prepared I was delighted to see that it was a meaty patty that was juicy and beautifully cooked and the bun was generously filled.  My Chilli Cheeseburger had a great chilli sauce and lots of jalapenos to add extra bite and spice to some mouthfuls.

Just to make sure that the quality of the food is consistent I went back the following Sunday after my visit to the Museum für Naturkunde and had an equally good meal, again prepared in double quick time.

At €7 in total (€4 for the Chilli Cheeseburger, €1.40 for the fries, €1.60 for 0.5l Berliner Pilsner) Marienburger is excellent value for money and this small burger joint is big on flavour.

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