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JBAK Totem Mural Video by Editude Pictures

JBAK Totem Mural in Berlin Lichtenberg (still from the JBAK Totem video by Editude Pictures)

Photo: Still from the JBAK Totem video by Editude Pictures

Editude Pictures were on hand to follow JBAK as they painted their Totem mural for Lichtenbeg Open Art (LOA) in Berlin.

As well as showing the painting in progress, Editude spoke to James Bullough and Addison Karl about their process and vision for the mural and observed an art workshop with local residents given by the pair.

If you’d like to see more photos of the finished artwork and read a little bit more about JBAK and the design, have a look at my Totem Mural by JBAK in Berlin Lichtenberg post.

The JBAK Totem mural is at Landsberger Allee 228B in Berlin Lichtenberg, which you can reach with the M6 or 16 trams (get off at Zechliner Str.).

JBAK Totem (Lichtenberg Open Art 2014 by Howoge)

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